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The MSB Cosmeceuticals product range consists of two professional care lines: Basic Line and Alpha-Trophox 112®. These products are used in aesthetic medicine, by alternative practitioners, in cosmetology and for follow-up treatment at home.

The company has developed products with therapeutic effects for the effective treatment of various skin needs. With their outstanding quality and highly concentrated, premium ingredients, they deliver impressive results.

Thanks to the exclusive ALPHA AC3 Repair Complex created specially for MSB® Cosmeceuticals, the ALPHA-TROPHOX112® product line successfully combats the visible signs of skin aging.


The right care for your skin type


Dry skin is caused by low moisture content and reduced oil production. The skin has difficulty retaining water and the sebaceous glands don’t secrete enough lipids to form a strong coating on the skin.
The consequences: itchiness, rough patches or small cracks. What your skin needs is gentle care with plenty of moisture and oils.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water
  • Use only perfume-free products
  • Avoid skin care products that contain alcohol, soaps and aggressive peelings
  • Make sure you wash your facial cleanser off carefully
  • Care for your skin with a moisturising and/or rich cream
  • For cleansing your face, your best option is a washing lotion or cleanser that is formulated specially for very dry skin, cleans gently and adds moisture at the same time
  • Treat yourself to a regenerating, soothing facial mask from time to time.

Tip: The mask is perfect for a follow-up massage 

Our product advise: 

Sensitive Hydro Gel Serum 30 ml

> Sensitve Hydro Gel Serum

Sensitive skin reacts far moreintensely to irritants than healthy skin does. It usually has a higher degree of water loss, which weakens the natural skin barrier and causes dry skin on the face. Not only that – the nerve fibres in the epidermis are activated by stress factors, causing discomfort. Many people describe this as stinging, burning or tightness. Typical symptoms include:
  • Scaling/flakiness, irritated patches of skin
  • Susceptibility to contact allergy
  • Itchiness and tightness
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Pimples or wheals
  • Be prudent with the amount of skin care products you use – less is more
  • Make sure the products do not contain perfumes
  • Use a light moisturiser with healing ingredients rather than a rich texture
  • Avoid ingredients like alcohol, menthol, hazelnut, peppermint, eucalyptus and sulphur
  • It’s important to protect your skin with a sunscreen every day

Our product advise:


> Sensitive Active Serum

Pigmentation marks are usually harmless, brownish or reddish discolourations on the skin that are not raised, so you can’t feel them. They are also known as hyperpigmentation or a pigment disorder. You might be born with them, or they may develop later in life. The cause of pigmentation is an overproduction of the skin-colouring pigment melanin. This may be enhanced by overexposure to the sun, by hormonal changes such as those that occur during pregnancy, by burns or by the aging process.



  • Protect your skin from the sun’s rays with a hat that shades yourface and neck
  • Use a sunscreen regularly that is made for your skin type, especially before sunbathing
  • Support your skin’s own protective barrier by using facial skin care products that are right for you
  • Use fruit acid for particularly good results. Natural Peel med and Glyco Peel med are natural fruit acid peelings that prepare your skin perfectly for the products that follow, and they multiply their effects.
  • Combine your skin care routine with a visit to a trained MSB beautician. Find a partner near you here.

Our product advise:

Pigment Normalizing Gel Serum 30 ml

> Pigment Normalizing Serum


Overactive sebaceous glands that clog pores are the cause of skin impurities. Your skin type plays a key role in this. Impurities are often found in combination with oily skin. But dry skin can also feel oily in places and tend to have impurities. Overactive sebaceous glands occur not only during puberty but also as a result of hormone swings during pregnancy or the aging process.

Our product advise:

Normalizing Serum 30 ml

> Normalizing Serum


Beautyful skin at every age

Your face can be your most attractive business card, no matter if you are 25, 40 or 55. With the right combination of products, your skin can look radiant and youthful at any age.

Young skin requires moisture and antioxidants – such as Vitamin A, E and C – at an early stage to stay free from wrinkles.

After age 40, the cell renewal process slows down, and hormonal changes begin to take a toll on your metabolism. This leads to a decrease of collagen and elastin in the connective tissue of your skin. Wrinkles and pigmented marks emerge, and your skin becomes pale and dull.

If you do not give your skin the care it needs now, you will start looking older!

Forehead lines, a frown line, crow’s feet, laugh lines, lip wrinkles and neck wrinkles are all types of expression lines. Some of them are caused by genetics, while others creep in slowly and leave us looking older and more mature. As the years go by, the body’s own capacity for hydration declines, so skin needs special care. Regenerating and moisturising skin care products give the skin a visibly relaxed, smoother appearance (Botox effect).

Our product advise:

Alpha-Trophox Serum 30 ml

> Alpha-Trophox Serum

Chronobiologists research the links between the body, the mind and time, and they agree that the human organism is driven by the day-night cycle and internal, genetically predetermined rhythms. That means that our “biological clock” determines our blood pressure, body temperature, hormone production and metabolism. Skin is also subject to its own rhythm, which can of course be used to enhance beauty. Typical chronobiological wrinkles are those under the eyes, nasolabial wrinkles, drooping corners of the mouth, chin wrinkles and sagging cheeks.

Our product advise:

Night & Day Collagen 30ml

> Night & Day Collagen

While the skin’s aging process is generally slower in men, women experience hormone-related skin aging during and after menopause due to the dramatic drop in their estrogen levels. That results in a decreasing lipid content in the skin and a reduction in hyaluronic acid. The consequences can include a drooping brow line, sagging corners of the eyes, dark rings under the eyes, sunken cheeks and even a wrinkly neck and marionette lines. With the right skin care products, you can reduce the signs of skin aging significantly and help your skin look fresher and revitalised.

Our product advise:

Collagen Extreme 30 ml

> Collagen Extreme

Preventing Wrinkles

Skin aging is a natural process that is not only dependent on your biological age.
In addition to our genes, which we have no influence over, the other key factors that impact our skin’s aging include:
• our lifestyle, including eating habits, exercise and sleep
• external environmental factors such as UV rays and
• skin care

Want to stop or even prevent premature skin aging with conscious eating, a healthy lifestyle, adequate UV protection and the right skin care? Find out how in our beauty tips.

Skin aging is a natural process that is not only dependent on your biological age.
In addition to our genes, which we have no influence over, the other key factors that impact our skin’s aging include:
• our lifestyle, including eating habits, exercise and sleep
• external environmental factors such as UV rays and
• skin care

Want to stop or even prevent premature skin aging with conscious eating, a healthy lifestyle, adequate UV protection and the right skin care? Find out how in our beauty tips.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips

#1 Gesund Essen

Vegetables, fruit, fish, nuts and wholegrain products supply our skin with antioxidants from the inside. They can trap free radicals that come from the environment and minimise their formation. That has an indirect effect on healthy-looking skin.

Wasser trinken

Dry skin results in increased wrinkles. They are harder and harder to fight as time goes by. If you want to prevent these wrinkles from forming, you need to get enough fluids. Drinking the right amount of water (1.5 to 2 litres every day) supplies your skin with moisture from within. Fruit juice spritzers and tea are good ways to add variety to your hydration plan.


Permanent stress has a negative impact on our well-being. A hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep promote free radicals and make our skin appear older. So take care of yourself and allow your body sufficient relaxation and sleep. Your body and mind really do need seven to eight hours of “beauty sleep” to regenerate. If you don’t manage that during the night, try to make up for the lost sleep with a nap during the day.


Stay fit. A healthy amount of exercise, ideally outdoors, gets your metabolism going. It improves blood flow, in turn supplying your skin with nutrients. An active lifestyle is also a reliable way to relieve stress and helps you maintain your inner balance.


A good sunscreen is the first step in slowing your skin’s aging process because the sun is the biggest factor in premature wrinkles – accounting for about 80%, in fact. The sun isn’t the only culprit; smoking, alcohol, and extreme heat and cold also damage the skin.


The first step in any skin care routine is a thorough facial cleansing. Only clean skin can properly absorb the ingredients in the products that follow.

Use gentle cleansing products, and free your skin of make-up and dirt particles before you go to sleep. Take special care to choose the right products to remove waterproof mascara, because pulling and tugging at your eyes promotes premature wrinkling. Instead, remove mascara gently using circular motions around the eye area.


Peeling primes your skin perfectly for the products that follow. It gently removes dead skin cells and cornification, and enhances the absorption of ingredients. The valuable ingredients in serums and creams can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and unleash their full effects. If you develop redness easily, use enzyme peelings rather than products with exfoliant particles. Using a peeling several times a week unclogs your pores and gives your skin a beautiful glow.

Creme nach oben

When you use the right creams, you play an active part in supporting your skin’s regeneration. Tapping is a gentle way to apply them. Try it out, starting with your chin. Work your way up to your cheeks and forehead with circular motions. Pat the area around your eyes while you run your fingers along the bridge of your nose. That creates a lifting effect and stimulates your skin from upwards.


It’s not just about your face; treat your body to some special attention and care, too. Special products for your décolleté, body and hands are excellent ways to reduce and prevent the signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Produkte

Radiant, wrinkle-free skin and a youthful appearance – that’s what many people want.


But what’s the right wrinkle cream?
There is no one answer to that, because the right cream for you depends on your skin type and your age. Dry skin needs a richer cream, while oily skin calls for a lighter texture. A good cream moisturises, protects you from free radicals and prevents new wrinkles from forming. In any case, you should discover a three-step care ritual for yourself.

In any case, you should discover a three-step care ritual for yourself. This consists of facial cleansing, a special care and a finishing care. 

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